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Saturday, February 14, 2009

how do i want to be ?

Thinks are changing every day, very often. we are not in the world that we lived yestereday. We dont know how the circumstances change tomorrow. But the human mind has to go through no of hurdles every minute to live in this world which has no of dimentions. When thinking how terible our mind and how we are bad on our emotions, i come across lot of questions , which cannot be answered only by me. i am too worried some times when handling thinks. i am not clear the way i have responded is ok or not?

But my behavious , emotions , words and lot other non quantifiable aspects are not only decided by me.. there are lots of other factors influence me on reacting to the nature and people. there was a saying that " the arm that i want to chose is decided by my enemy". So what is wrong when i am seleting an arm which can properly answer my enemy or friend. The think that is important is anyway that i am answering. If you are not going to be straight , wel i too follow your method. because i want to secure my self. if your are true , i will be true..there might not be any think to hide for the person with open hard. If you are unsure that i am truthful or not, i dont want a chance to prove anythink with a person who cannot believe me. You are the person who is deciding how do i want to be ? not me.

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